Aller-Rescue: Nutritional Support for Normal Allergen Response


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Support Sinus and Respiratory Health Here are some nutrients that can keep your sinuses breathing freely. Butterbur Extract – Highly effective botanical to support respiratory health and regulate normal histamine response to maintain free breathing and clear sinuses. Elderberry Extract – Supports the immune system and normal inflammatory response; optimizes sinus drainage, clear sinuses, and overall respiratory health. Quercetin – By inhibiting the release of histamines and other inflammatory compounds, Quercetin regulates the normal allergic-inflammatory response that causes itchy eyes and runny nose. Rutin – A plant compound that is an important component of the Vitamin C complex of nutrients. Rutin regulates release of histamines to support normal response to allergens. Bioflavonoids – Increasing your intake of Bioflavonoids helps prevent the formation of histamines. It helps maintain normal nasal tissues, rather than a swollen and congested condition. Bromelain – A key enzyme from pineapple that helps the body absorb other nutrients, such as Quercetin. It also promotes normal inflammatory response and drainage of the sinuses. Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) – Supports healthy bronchial passages and mucus membranes. Vitamin A works with other antioxidants to fortify the immune system. Vitamin C – A potent antioxidant that has the ability to support the body’s natural production of interferon, a powerful immunoactive substance. Vitamin C is crucial to immune function. Vitamin D3 – Recent research has linked low levels of Vitamin D to allergen sensitivity and lower lung function. We use vitamin D from Cholecalciferol for best bioavailablity. Zinc – Supports the immune functioning of the thymus gland and the production of interferon. Over 90% of older Americans do not consume the minimum daily requirement of Zinc each day. Takes relief to the next level, with an extraordinary formula you won’t find anywhere else.

Addresses Seasonal and Everyday Sinus Concerns
Promotes Normal Mucous Levels
Maintains Free Breathing and Clear Sinuses
Supports a Healthy Respiratory System
Maintains Optimal Response to Histamines

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