Active H2 Ultra and Active H2 Ultra+ Molecular Hydrogen Bundle


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:droplet:ACTIVATE YOUR WATER: Molecular Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into cells, mitochondria, and fluids throughout the body to deliver its unique and abundant benefits, including regulating the body’s antioxidant systems (including SOD and glutathione,) converting the body’s most harmful free-radicals to water, and supporting cell metabolism, cell-signaling, and gene expression.
:droplet:ACTIVE H2 DIFFERENCE: We standby all of our products, and promise they will uphold their freshness, effectiveness, and quality until their expiration date. If you are unhappy for ANY reason with any of our products, just let us know and we will immediately send a refund or replacement, as a part of our ‘bottle guarantee.’
:droplet:CUTTING EDGE WELLNESS:Water and Wellness is dedicated to bring pure water, free of contaminants and enhanced to deliver nutrients and health benefits to as many people as possible. After 37 years in the water science industry, our morals, ethics and sense of responsibility compelled us to build a simple, affordable, and high-quality line of curated products that make no compromise, while supporting the education behind the importance of health and water safety.
:droplet:THE ESSENCE OF LIFE: Molecular Hydrogen served as the original energy source for primordial cellular life. It has the ability neutralize and optimize the body’s natural cleansing pathways. Hydrogen is the smallest and most mobile molecule, which allows it to pass into the cell with greater bioavailability than any other nutrient or nutraceutical.
:droplet:RESTORE AND RECOVER: Research suggests active hydrogen enhances endurance and rapid recovery after strenuous exercise. It may also reduce oxidative stress related to the aging process. Active H2 also provides a blend of dietary minerals, magnesium, malic and fumaric acid which synergistically promote cellular hydration.

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